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5 Ways Large Hotels, Casinos And Restaurants Are Getting Customers To Engage Using Mobile Marketing.

5 Ways Large Hotels, Casinos and Restaurants are Getting Customers to Engage Using Mobile Marketing.

Hospitality companies across the country are trying to engage with their customers on a deeper level to increase stays and spending.

There is a software suite now available that has been honed, tested, and frequently utilized by some of the greatest hotels in the US. This software is specifically designed to increase customer interaction by connecting with people on their mobile devices at a more personal and intuitive way. It’s called Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect is a cloud-based suite of software products designed to work alone, or with most POS and PMS systems, allowing you to send messages, track guest preferences and increase customer interaction utilizing text messages and mobile coupons. There are five simple components that make up the Mobile Connect suite:  Mobile Connect Essentials, Coupon Connect, Rooms Connect, Table Connect and Emergency Connect. Aside from sending coupons or telling customers about upcoming events, Mobile Connect can get a conversation going and give your customers just what they want. By using five special features, which work separately and in conjunction with one another you can create campaigns you know guests will appreciate.

1) Triggered Events:

With this patented technology you can send out coupons or messages that are triggered when the customer takes advantage of another related offer. Once they come in to use the coupon or text in for info, you can follow up with something as simple as a thank you or a related offer. Let’s say your client came in for a concert, when the concert is over you can send them a follow-up offer for a drink at the bar, or give them a discount on the buffet.

2) Polling:

Using the polling feature will easily increase customer service by asking, tracking and categorizing your customers. Imagine a guest has a bad experience, all they have to do is text in and fill out the customer service poll giving your managers instant feedback allowing them to react quickly. By asking questions periodically regarding services or specials the customer wants to see, you can send out timely, relevant offers. Your customers will feel like you care. Ensuring higher opt-ins and repeat spending.

3) Viral:

Another amazing patented feature, viral messaging allows you to leverage your existing networks to build your opt-ins and revenue simultaneously. Send messages that people want to share with their friends. After all, most people don’t like to go to events alone. The campaign will be fully tracked and you can even reward clients who share for you.

4) Contests:

The contest feature automates, tracks and implements the campaign with very little work on your part.  One of the best ways to get people to opt in is to set up a giveaway. Make sure the prize is good and once you announce the grand prize winners and runners-up send out a consolation prize to anyone who opted in leaving them with a good feeling about your brand.

5) Text-a-Wall:

One of the most popular features on Mobile Connect, Text-a-Wall gives you the ability to use wall space through a projector or a monitor for guests and customers to opt-in to and have some fun. All they have to do is text in a message and it pops up on the screen. The best part about Mobile Connect is that these features don’t stand alone. They can all be used in conjunction with each other to create the most interactive campaigns that your customers will love to take part in.
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