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“I love SkyWire and the support I receive from you, whenever I need it.”

Cyndi Browne

GM, Kwaililas Hotel

My personal experience with Skywire has been great. Their customer service and support staff have been very responsive in meeting all of our business’s needs. When we ran into a recurring issue that seemed couldn’t be solved, the Director of Support (Jon) & Implementation Specialist (Scott) actually drove from Las Vegas to Hermosa Beach, and spent the day troubleshooting with us. It turned out the issue was a matter of connectivity and had nothing to do with Skywire. Regardless, Jon & Scott were there providing us with the support, and tools needed to successfully operate our business. Kudos to the Skywire team for doing whatever it takes to help their customers succeed.

Cody Asselin
General Manager
Hotel Hermosa


When researching a cloud based PMS system, we really wanted a solution that would assist us not only in growing our business but also better managing our guests and improving our ability to communicate with them and anticipate their needs, RoomKey PMS stood out. We are extremely satisfied with the rollout and the ongoing relationship we have with the team, and the ability we have to customize the offering to best meet our business needs is fantastic.

Luke Neale

I am SO GLAD that we kept looking for the right PMS for our property! We looked at over 30 demos over the course of two years. Switching over to RoomKey has been the single most successful move we have made to keep up on the cutting edge of technology and allow us, as a smaller property, to be fully integrated with a two way interface and maximize our position within the global distribution system. Overall, the technology that RoomKey has brought to our hotel has changed the way we operate, we are more profitable and our staff absolutely loves the system!

Dawn M Van Lanen

Forward Hotels and Development is currently using Roomkey at our Americas Best Value Inn and Suites in Amarillo, TX. Experiences with your customer service team including their expertise, and knowledge directly influenced our company’s decision to switch the current PMS at The Big Texas Inn to Roomkey. As you know, there are many property management system choices, the amazing service that Katie has provided is the primary reason we are continuing to use Roomkey.

Matthew Atchley

RoomKey was the optimal solution to manage the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Workforce Accommodation needs. All we needed to run RoomKey was a personal computer and an Internet connection. We were not limited by the system as to how many staff we could have to keep track of all the various Workforce members and their accommodation. We had many people checking in and checking out which required multiple desk locations requiring a system like RoomKey that was cloud-based providing us Anytime, Anywhere access.

Sophie Mon-Kau

The management support and customer service are incredibly hands on, pro-active and responsive. The relationship with SkyWire always feels more like a collaboration than as a customer. Any problems/questions/requests are responded to within minutes. Because the system is cloud-based, our SkyWire rep is able to instantly diagnose and troubleshoot our system remotely. Our service, 'how-do-we?' and data request calls have all been resolved to our satisfaction quickly.

-Easy interface that anyone can use. We are a teaching restaurant, and SkyWire is often the first POS our students have been introduced to. The interface is intuitive and easy for our students to learn quickly.

-Menu and floor-plan updates are very easy.

-Reservation/table management/POS functions data integration - this is a big draw for us - the integrated data (from guest reservation to check drop to turn) is valuable for planning purposes.

Sybil Y.

Just wow. I knew I was going to get a great service from Total Business Solutions, but they went above and beyond all my expectations. I will be using them for all my branding. Five stars!

Tommy Baker

By far the best part about Total Business Solutions is the great team they've put together. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly - I love to work with them on all my projects!

Brenda Cummings

Total Business Solutions is the best thing that has ever happened to my small business. They re-branded, re-organized & re-vamped my company in no time - and now business is booming!

Russell Chamber

SkyWire Spa gives me the opportunity to expand my business, as I can have more than one person working the phones and booking at the same time. As an admin I can view a history of all user bookings and updates, I have everything at my fingertips, in one place: Reports, Guest Check-in, Guest Profiles, etc. I don't have to keep a filing system that takes time to look through to find what I need. Skywire has the ability to allow guests to book their own spa appointments online without having to get an outside vendor to give me that functionality.

We used to use a handwritten system to take our bookings. Using software; Skywire Spa means that the information is there for us to see immediately. That saves us approximately 3 hours of work, daily!

Not only that, but in Skywire Spa the system automatically sends the guest a confirmation email to ensure they have received their 24 hour cancellation notice. When giving the information to them over the phone, there was no way to prove that they had been given that information.

Mava Matlock

Before we got Timecard Monitor, we used a badge reader device, but with 110 employees, you can imagine how frequently we had to deal with forgotten and lost cards. Now, with the fingerprint sensor, there's no worry about missing cards. Plus it's far more reliable and prevents any chance of buddy-punching because people can't falsify their IDs.


We implemented the Timecard Monitor system in March 2004 to replace the badge system we had. Employees were constantly losing their badges and we wanted something computerized that could manage the 100 people we have on staff. Timecard Monitor ensures that we get an honest, accurate reflection of our employees' time and attendance and we saw an immediate decrease in the number of overtime hours being reported. It also reduced the administrative time we invested in reconciling staff time and in preparing payroll. What used to take three-quarters of a day now is done in less than half an hour. We were so pleased that we installed Timecard Monitor at another one of our facilities in New Orleans, the Maison Orleans II.


The Time and Administration System saves me significant time when I am running the payroll. In addition to that, I feel that Count Me In's product is extremely accurate. Before we streamlined to this system, people simply guessed what time they came into the building and when they left, recording such estimates on their time sheets. Employees would come to work late or take a lunch break, but not document it on their sheets. Now, we know exact times and amounts for everything. It even schedules a half hour lunch break for each employee. The system provides the information we need, including who is working what shift. It has saved the center a great deal of money that we were losing when we relied on time sheets.


We have 3 companies under our main corporation: a breakfast diner, a small construction company and a landscaping company. All employees 'punch-in and out' from one central location – and for the last 18 months, we've been using Timecard Monitor™. It's been very effective and we like the convenience it offers by interfacing with our QuickBooks accounting software.


The system enabled the league to cut back costs in numerous ways: Instead of outsourcing payroll, we now handle it on-site – which is a huge cost-savings to the team. We used to use a badge-reader system and were always busy either creating cards for new hires or replacing old ones that were lost or demagnetized. When we realized we could get twice the accuracy with less than half the hassles for essentially the same price as a traditional time clock, there was only one question – would the staff be receptive? Everyone is pleased. Now, if there's an error on a pay check, what used to take hours and sometimes days, can be rectified immediately.


Thank you so much for providing a paperless and foolproof timecard system for The Mettle Co. Our fingerprint reader together with Count Me In has performed flawlessly for over two years and when we replaced our computer recently you were most helpful in assisting a smooth transition. Employee punctuality is up and paper costs are down. Gone are the days when I had to calculate hours and argue with employees over the math. I am so pleased with myself and your product that I wanted you to know too.


Since installing the PC-based software, the process has been reduced from one that took days to a matter of minutes. Now it's just a matter of printing out reports and submitting them to our bookkeeper. It keeps us on a 'tight ship' by refusing early punch-ins or late departures - because once we enter the work schedule into the system, it automatically refuses to accept hours that don't correspond.


The transition from our old POS system to SkyWire was done with very little difficulty. The system is very user-friendly and we barely had to train our staff on how to use it. We have open communication with SkyWire and they respond to any questions or issues in a timely manner. They are very attentive to our individual needs so we really do have a one of a kind system. They are constantly creating and updating new features so in ten years we won't feel like we are in the Stone Age.


This is definitely a business that's on the way up. I have 12 years in the POS industry and I know that customers are searching for a quality product, great support and integrity from their POS provider. I've met the CEO and researched this company over the past few months and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to quality in a product and support that will not be matched, this company will not be easily beat.


I wanted a company that would grow and change with me. I wanted a long term commitment. I found it with SkyWire. When I pass my restaurant to my son, I know he will have a team behind him that understands our past and will work with him on his future.


The POS system rocks...It's updated and upgraded automatically...You don't have to take out a second mortgage to buy it...It's stable and it does what we want it to do. Period.


Our customer base is embracing new avenues of communication and we are now able to reach out to them in ways that are convenient and comfortable for them.

SkyWire's Mobile platform allows us to reach those customers, further expanding our leadership in the use of mobile technology.

We love the Mobile Connect text messaging and so do our guests!


Whenever we have questions on how to solve an issue SkyWire always finds a way to make it happen.


Mobile Connect is an amazing product. The coupons and customer management are really slick. Sometimes my messaging gets too long for Twitter or SMS, and SkyWire is really good at compressing my messaging for SMS.

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