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Are Data Security Breaches Threatening Small Business?

Are Data Security Breaches Threatening Small Business?

The Cyber Threat Targeting Companies Big and Small

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, one out of five small businesses are affected by cyber crime every year. Sixty percent of these incidents prove to be fatal for the company. Medium- and large-sized enterprise companies spare no expense and are taking extreme courses of action to handle the problem, causing more hackers and online criminals to target smaller, less protected enterprises. Major weaknesses in small business IT practices — namely inadequate firewall protection and a weak cyber security strategy — give thieves an opportunity to access information from their network. Many companies think that what comes standard from the Internet Service Provider is enough protection; however, that way of thinking is proving to be vastly incorrect. Did you know that most firewall protection methods only monitor incoming traffic? Inadequate firewall protection can leave your outgoing information exposed for the taking — the Target Corporation learned this firsthand when they lost the private credit card information of 110 million patrons in 2013. Without a cyber security strategy, you will be sharing your internet with any device that wants to pair with it, leaving information accessible to criminals who will stop at nothing to access your network. Here are a few things you can do to minimize your risk: *Set a password for your wireless network *Change your network’s SSID name to something unique *Update routers and firmware regularly *Disable remote login *Disable wireless administrating

But how do enterprises manage their security?

Enterprises limit access to networks, implement continuous monitoring, integrate threat prevention and detection systems, and immediate incident response to ward off the villains of the cyber world. But small businesses are finding a way to beat the crooks as well. Many are turning to reputable cloud-based solutions, reducing the need for hardware, installation, maintenance, and any engineer-based labor costs. One such solution is My Digital Shield. Andrew Bagrin, who was featured on Bloomberg Business Week  is the founder of My Digital Shield. With nine years of experience as a director in IT security for companies such as Fortinet and Regal Entertainment Group, he is bringing top-of-the-line technology to the small business sphere. To find out more on how My Digital Shield can provide you with affordable security solutions, click here.
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