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Helpful Hints To Track Your Marketing

Helpful Hints to Track Your Marketing

Helpful Hints To Track Your Marketing

Mobile Marketing has recently been soaring into the spotlight and receiving much attention. Businesses are seeing the value in real-time marketing, and consumers are enjoying the offers received by joining text message clubs at their favorite hot spots, restaurants, retail shops, and movie theaters to name a few. Text campaigns can do much more than what most businesses are currently using them for. This article will highlight THREE ways to track and enhance not only your Mobile Marketing strategies, but also your current Marketing initiatives.

#1 Use More Than One Keyword:

If your Mobile Marketing company is only offering you one keyword to use in your call-to-action, you need to negotiate, or simply ask for more! By using different keywords in your call to action, you can track your current marketing initiatives that you already have in place. For one example – Your business, let’s name SkyWire Cafe, has two billboards, one on the North side of town, the other on the South side. Using two different keywords, you can track the attention and traction each billboard is getting separately. On the North side billboard have your call-to-action say “Text ‘SKYWIRE’ to 56242″, on the South side billboard, have your call-to-action say “Text ‘SKYCAFE’ to 56242″. You can still deploy the same messages and offers to both campaigns, but by separating the two different billboards using two different keywords, you can better evaluate your ROI of one billboard compared to the other. You can also track different forms of your Marketing by placing different keywords in all of your forms of advertising. One keyword used for your print ads, one for your radio ads, one for your website, one for your social media, the list goes on! This draws your customers to opt-in using different keywords, and by doing so you will truly be able to track how much attention each media outlet or form of marketing you use is attaining.

#2 Track Each Customer’s Spending:

SkyWire Media, with approval on its new patents, can now allow you to see exactly which customers are redeeming the coupons you send them, and reward them for being a loyal customer. Using what is called a Triggered Event©, when a customer redeems a mobile coupon, you may have your Mobile Marketing campaign set up to send that specific customer a “Thank You” text message, and even send another coupon along with it. With the capability of tracking who is spending, and how much they are spending, you can even better track your ROI. Not only that, but customers like to be acknowledged for their spending. This element would enhance your customers experience to a much higher level, gaining their loyalty.

#3 Obtain Check Level Detail:

If you are using a company other than SkyWire Media for your Mobile Marketing then you can not track who is spending, but you should be able to track whatthey are spending their money on. Being able to see check level details of those customers using Mobile coupons would drastically help direct and develop new coupons that will be valuable to your customers. You may notice that the customers coming in to redeem their mobile coupons are buying the least expensive thing on your menu or in your store, using the coupon and taking off. You could use this information to deploy a new coupon stating “Spend $50 and receive a free burger” or “Spend $25 and receive a free 12oz. Hand Lotion of your choice”. This will help sales, and the customer will be getting what they enjoyed during their last visit. These are just examples, feel free to comment with ideas or thoughts on other creative ways to use this information to your benefit. The bottom line is, by being able to see exactly what your mobile coupons are selling for you, you can again better determine your ROI on your Mobile Marketing initiative. In conclusion, Mobile Marketing is not meant to take over your current form of marketing, but enhance it! It can be used to track more information than you have been able to track in the past. Using different techniques, running different reports, or obtaining different information can not only allow you to better understand your customer’s spending habits, but allow you to cater to and offer better deals which your customers and your business will benefit from.
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