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Hotel Solutions (2)

Whether you run one hotel, or thousands…offer services your guests will remember.

SkyWire’s point of sale software is a fully integrated, scalable POS, back-office, and enterprise system.
  • Powered with latest technology
  • Easy to use and PCI compliant, SkyWire will help you improve all aspects of customer satisfaction and service efficiencies
  • SMS marketing users will see seamless integration with POS software
Rooms Connect™ is a creative, low-maintenance product, used to alert early arriving guests at a hotel or resort when their room becomes available. The software easily integrates with all types of Property Management Systems and is currently being used in The Comsopolitan Las Vegas and L’Auberge Baton Rouge in addition to many others. The alert is sent to the guest automatically after housekeeping updates the room to “Clean & Ready”. Now, guests can enjoy their early arrival with time to relax while special offers pop up on their phones as text messages to use at your property’s many fine amenities. This VIP service can also be the entry point for a new subscriber to your SMS marketing messages through Mobile Connect™.
Table Connect™ is a new and innovative approach to managing a wait-list of any kind. Simply have your host ask for the guest’s name and cell-phone number, then page the guest via text message when their table is available. Table Connect is hosted in the cloud and works great on any PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.
Count Me In and Timecard Monitor is the cloud-based solution that allows small to midsize businesses a competitive advantage with consistent, real-time employee data. No more wasted dollars due to human error and buddy punching. Use our savings calculator and find out exactly how much your attendance problem is costing you. You will be amazed at how quickly the costs add up!

The Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro with SkyWire POS is perfect for pool-side orders, hip new restaurants, and any venue where servers wait tables or seats. Personalize and simplify the shopping experience without leaving the customer’s side with the tablet-based solution that will help enhance customer service from the palm of your hand.
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