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Millennials And Marketing

Millennials and Marketing

Help for Hospitality Companies That Want to Engage Generation Y

Totaling nearly 80 million people, Millennials — or “Generation Y” — comprise the largest group in America right now, possibly ever. Beating out even the baby boomers in size, they currently spend $2.45 trillion per year and will be continuing (if not increasing) their expenditures for at least another 40 years. Therefore, when planning how and where to spend your marketing dollars, it would be a major mistake not to examine the habits of this crucial demographic. The most common mistake advertisers make is assuming that Millennials don’t engage with traditional forms of media. However, according to Alex Abraham, the number one most viewed form of media for Millennials is still television. Companies that know where to place ads and can create engaging, useful content will ultimately be the ones that win over Generation Y by creating brand recognition through saturation, and developing consumer loyalty. Ford did a great job of utilizing this concept when it created a fantasy football app for smart phones that engaged Generation Y consumers with the Ford brand. However, depending on your product and marketing budget, engaging your clients may not be so easy. It’s time for your marketing team to get creative and think like Millennials. First, find hot-button issues of interest, and tie these topics into your promotion. But keep in mind that Millennials do not like to be talked down to or directed. Rather, they like to feel that they’re making their own decisions, and that they have a certain degree of control regarding how they’re advertised to. The tone of your message is important — but so too is simply making your marketing available to Millennials. By simply placing a good amount of engageable campaigns and giving Millennials the opportunity to take part in something that is special and unique, they will feel as if they are buying in, and not being bought. Let’s say you want to use the Mobile Connect program to send coupons or increase engagement with your Millennial client base. The best way to do this is to find out what they are already engaging with — which products they seem to be purchasing, and what types of promotions are influencing their purchasing decisions. Fortunately, Mobile Connect aggregates all of this data for you. But how do you get Millennials to know that they can take part in your promotion? How will you get them to opt in for to your Mobile Connect program? This is where TV, social media, and radio (the top three forms of media Millennials interact with) come in to play. Unfortunately, finding creative methods to engage Millennial customers may be difficult, especially if your company doesn’t traditionally cater to this demographic. SkyWire is set up to handle not only interactive media and tracking through products such as Mobile Connect, but we also offer a full line of creative services — such as graphic and web design, copywriting, and audio/video —  to complement our advertising expertise and real-life experience growing companies in the hospitality and gaming industries. So if your brand is looking to expand and grab a piece of that Millennial market, give us a call. 
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