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National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day

 Tips for Relaxation…

Be Aware – know what your stress triggers are and how to cope Acceptance – less than ideal situations will happen. Accept what you cannot change and move forward Learn – new ways to manage stress. Meditation, yoga, journaling, find something that works for you! Action Plan – if there is a goal you want to achieve, write it down and create a plan No – Just say no. Your time is valuable and it’s ok if you can’t take on everything. You’re human Count your blessings – focus on the good in life and try to see the positive side Exercise – your physical well-being goes hand and hand with your mental wellness  

How Do You Relax?

For many, relaxation means a day at the spa and we agree! Spas that use our SkyWire Spa and Activities software can relax knowing they have an all-in-one cloud based software that takes the stress out of the spa relaxation zone. SkyWire Spa and Activities comes with a dedicated 24/7 support team that is available to answer any questions you may have, in addition to offering a superior technological solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With SkyWire you get so much more. 24/7 Dedicated Support   SkyWire Support is just a click or call away 866.514.5888 Scheduling and Booking   Visual booking, package and group booking, and guest web access that allows guests to book for themselves! Point of Sale   Our SkyWire Spa Software can interface with hotel systems and credit card gateways, allowing you to sell services, products, and gift cards in addition to applying commissions, gratuities, and services fees Reporting   Yield analysis and revenue management reports, as well as staff commissions, gratuities, and fully comprehensive enterprise reports Guest Management   Detailed guest profile and purchase history, shared company-wide or to a central location, as well as providing guest itineraries and staff notifications

Relax and let SkyWire Spa and Activities and SkyWire Support take care of your business needs

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