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SkyWire Customer Spotlight: The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas

SkyWire Customer Spotlight: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has proven to be one of SkyWire’s most innovative users of the Rooms Connect system, utilizing it to make each guest feel like a VIP by making their stay a thoroughly simple modern experience. Often, at hotels guests that arrive too early are stuck for a time without a room. Hotel staff must apologize for the inconvenience, and can only offer to text the guest when the front desk is ready to check them in. At The Cosmopolitan, the service the guest experiences is unlike any other. If a guest arrives and their room is not quite ready, the front desk does not send them away and text them to return at a later time. Rather, the guest is checked in immediately and furnished with a key card to their room. With the check-in complete and a key in hand, the guest can relax without the need to keep checking back with the front desk. As soon as the room is ready, the key is encoded with room information via The Cosmopolitan’s superb Wi-Fi network, and a text is sent to the guest including the room number and a confirmation that the key is ready to be used. On top of this brilliant use of Rooms Connect, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the only hotel in Las Vegas that can claim to enrich their guests’ experiences with a dazzling display of art at every turn. The hotel and casino opened its doors in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip in December 2010, and has since become a prime destination for those seeking a beautiful mix of modern amenities and classy decor. Every area of the hotel and casino features a spectacle of artwork that stimulates the senses, from the pop-up art galleries and dreamy celebrity fantasy portraits, to vintage cigarette dispensers repurposed to sell art to the masses. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a cultural experience in itself, designed to expose the thousands of guests and visitors that pass through its doors each year to the many dimensions of modern art – whether they realize it or not. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas believes that art should not be hidden behind glass in museums, but is meant to be lived and experienced each and every day—and we have to say that here at SkyWire, we agree.
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