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SkyWire Helps Casino Guests Spend Less Time Waiting And More Time Gaming

SkyWire Helps Casino Guests Spend Less Time Waiting and More Time Gaming

SkyWire helps casino guests spend less time waiting and more time gaming.

SkyWire’s Mobile Connect mobile marketing platform was created as a central hub for hospitality and gaming companies to run SMS marketing campaigns. But, the new mobile connect feature has resorts and restaurants jumping for joy.

Known as the Table Connect feature, restaurants can now use Mobile Connect to text guests when their table is ready. This not only gets rid of the bulky, expensive, short range pager systems of the past, but it gives the guest the freedom to do whatever they want while they wait, like spend money gaming. Buffets are suspected to be one of the main businesses to use this system because most large casinos have them, and they easily generate revenue using this system by keeping guests on property spending. The restaurant itself also stands to make more money by keeping guests out of line while remaining lively; it is a guaranteed way to peek people’s interest. Offering the illusion of no line, guests aren’t intimidated to walk up and inquire about the restaurant. They may find out there is a little wait but the fact that they can do whatever they want while they do so makes the wait much easier to bear. All the buffet has to do is enter the guest’s mobile number in the system and the guest is free to keep playing or shopping on property until a table becomes available. Now the resort has a number and a great way to start marketing to their guests while on property and after. An opt-in message offering them some sort of special gameplay promotion, right then and there, leads to increased revenue for the casino. As long as the guests don’t opt-out, the resort can use the number as often as they think would be appropriate. There are even great reporting and polling features in mobile connect to really target each client correctly. For example: Using the time of year the guest visited, and the fact that the customer redeemed the coupon for one free slot pull, you know to send them a message for something like: “$100 in slot play with a one night stay at the resort,” sent out a month or two before the guest is suspected to take their vacation. It’s a guaranteed way of staying relevant to the guest while offering wonderful service.

This technology is new, exciting and available immediately at It is expected to not only change the way people go to dinner, but it will definitely change the way gaming resorts can profit.

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