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SkyWire Shield Test – Measure Your Network’s Susceptibility To Potential Attacks.

SkyWire Shield Test – Measure your Network’s Susceptibility to Potential Attacks.

How do you protect your business data to potential cyber criminals? By securing all open ports, but are your ports secure? Cyber security involves quite a bit more than just ensuring your system doesn’t accidentally download any viruses or malware. Take our Shield Test and find out how protected your data really is:

Here’s a little insight into the tests we run and why we run them.

The entire Shield Test measures your network’s susceptibility to infection and assesses existing defense levels against potential attacks. Our Open Ports Test first determines your IP address, then identifies any ports that are left open, which can increase the likelihood that cyber intruders can access your company and customer data. Our short test leverages malware samples transmitted from our server to your browser session and discards them immediately. So while this test uses real malware samples to ensure it’s legit, there’s no risk in infecting your system.

Protection: Don’t take your anti-virus’ word for it!

Those constant patches and updates might not protect your system against the latest and greatest malware making the rounds. Performing a self-assessment like Shield Test can help ensure your organization can combat the cyber threats lurking around every corner of the Internet.

So take our test and check your system’s defenses now!

Disclaimer: This test landing page has been known to produce false positive warnings with Anti-Virus programs such as Bit Defender based on the nature of the test.
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