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SkyWire Spa’s Payment Safe

SkyWire Spa’s Payment Safe

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Executive Summary As life goes, challenges arise, and problem-solvers rise up to meet those challenges. This is the case for the Spa Industry’s experience with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. While they are a set of vastly beneficial security practices in whole, they have presented the Spa Industry with a particular set of challenges that SkyWire Spa has sought to overcome. Given the service-orientated nature of the spa industry, Spas tend to experience a high number of no-shows for appointments and last-minute cancellations from their patrons. In the past, pre-PCI compliance era, Spas would have required their patrons to put a credit card down to hold their appointment. However, to maintain PCI compliancy, service providers can no longer store or hold unencrypted credit card information on site, thus removing any financial consequence to the patron if they do not keep their appointment. The removal has resulted in a direct loss of revenue for both the service provider and the therapist employees because it is difficult to fill last minute openings. To combat this issue, SkyWire Spa has employed a Payment Safe to take its clients out of scope, thus enabling their clients to provide a secure transaction process while reinstating a revenue stream from their cancellation and no-show appointment policies. In addition, SkyWire’s architectural credit card obfuscation design allows its clients to mitigate their risk from breaches of data at rest.

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