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Sneak Peek Of Table Reserve By SkyWire

Sneak Peek of Table Reserve by SkyWire

Sneak Peek of Table Reserve by SkyWire

TableReserve Coming Soon: Table Reserve – SkyWire’s Mobile Enabled Online Table Reservation & Management Tool Table Reserve is almost here! To get you excited, this blog will give you a sneak peek into this brand new mobile enabled, online table reservation system. As you will see, Table Reserve targets two different users:

Restaurant patrons

Restaurant owners/managers

Restaurant Patrons:

Restaurant Patrons will utilize Table Reserve to search their local surroundings to make dining reservations. Search-1024x726 Our system will show the menu (powered by OpenMenu), hours of operations, any specials or deals, other promotions requested by the restaurant, and offer available reservation times for the date selected. Once the patron finds their preferred restaurant they simply click the “Make Reservation” and fill out this reservation request. CreateReservation-1024x684 Once the guest enters their information, they will receive confirmation 2 ways, by Text Message, and by E-mail. SMSResevationConfirm-200x300 EmailConfirm-1024x401 Patrons can also create an account to: View their history Manage reservations View rewards

Restaurant Owners:

When using Table Reserve, restaurants will be able to utilize the Management Tool to: View upcoming reservations Manage wait lists: Add Walk-Ins, Check In, Page, & Seat Guests Manage floor View dashboard statistics Manage new reservations View Customer History When logged in at the Host stand, the host(ess) will see this screen: HostView-1024x917 As you see, this page is used to manage the door and the floor! The Host can view upcoming reservations and the waiting list to the left. They can also add new walk-ins and reservations using the buttons at the top. When a guest who reserved a table arrives, the host simply clicks on the guests name under reservations and is prompted to the following “Guest Actions” screen: Guest-Actions To note that the guest has arrived, the host clicks “Check In”. If the table is ready immediately, they can then seat the guest. If the guest is early, or there is a slight wait for the table, the host lets the guest know of the wait and tells them that they will be paged via Text Message when the table is ready. When the table is then ready, and the host is ready to page the guest, the host selects the guest name under reservations and sees this updated “Guest Actions” screen and clicks “Page”: PageGuest The host can also click “History” to view the customer history which will look like this: GuestHistory With this information, the host can easily identify VIP customers, and act accordingly. When the host pages the guest, the guest will be notified via Text Message that their table is now available. This text can be customized by the restaurant to say anything they would like, including a promotion, or call-to-action to join a text club – signing the guest up to receive future offers. SMSGuestPaged-200x300 Seating guests is as easy as clicking and dragging the guest to the available table, OR, by selecting the guest, clicking “Seat” on the “Guest Actions” menu and selecting the table. Lastly, utilizing this Management Tool, Managers and Owners can view a dashboard which shows: Current Counts Current Wait Times Average Wait Times Future Reservations Featured Restaurant Clicks Messages Used Coupons Used Reservations Used Dashboard As you can see, this brand new robust reservation system is stepping up to the next level by going mobile! If you would like to sign up to be a beta participant, please call us directly at 866-514-5888.
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