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SkyWire Software: The Simple Solution

Marketing is more effective when your customers let you know what they want. Mobile Connect is the only mobile marketing software specifically designed to increase customer interaction.

Don’t just send text messages and coupons. Create and track intuitive campaigns in real time from one easy to use platform.

By using Mobile Connect’s 5 unique features separately or in conjunction with each other, you can create more customer interaction and drive more sales.

5 Unique Features

  • Triggered events: When someone opts in for an offer you can trigger bonus offers to be sent at a later time that you pick. Set up promotions that work in conjunction with each other to keep customers on property spending.
  • Viral messaging: Send promotions with incentives your customers want to share with their friends, like contests, and special events. Each new opt in will be categorized and tracked individually for their habits and any coupons sent virally will get unique coupon code cutting down on fraud.
  • Polling: Find out more about your customer service and guest preferences by sending out Mobile Connect polls. The information is quantified and categorized making custom campaigns easy to create and implement.
  • Text-A-Wall: Great for concerts, events, or even front lobby guests. People can put personal messages up on your wall while simultaneously opting in for promotions.
  • Contests:  Get people opted in, pick winners, and send out prizes and promotions based on the results.

  • 80% more effective than e-mail
  • 98% open/read rate
  • See results in real time
  • Capture the votes of a real life audience
  • Improved profits
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Targeted promotions

Text ‘COUPON’ to 56242 to test it out yourself!

Mobile Connect

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