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SkyWire Software presents: SkyWire POS — an easily programmable system with a straightforward user interface and instant management access from anywhere with an internet connection. Our software secures your credit card transactions with P2PE to keep merchants protected.

  • Cloud based system
  • Enterprise capable
  • Easy Programming and easy to use interface
  • Menu configuration directly from terminal
  • Instant Management access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Front and back of house management
  • KDS capable
  • Flexible hardware options
  • Above Store Reporting
  • Point-to-Point Encryption with EMV
  • Easily apply forced, exception, and special instruction modifiers
  • SMS messaging
  • SMS software for table wait management without the need for expensive pagers
  • Send promotions directly from the terminal
  • Easily build subscriber lists that can then be segmented to increase marketing effectiveness
  • Drive business to slower sections/times of the week
  • Coupon Usage Tracking
  • Integrated solution designed, built and tested as a single system
  • Tested in live environments for over five years
More than just a partner, HP is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for SkyWire. This guarantees that SkyWire software has been certified to run with HP products and allows us to provide seamless integration with the most high-tech solutions to our clients.

Testimonials for SkyWire POS

My personal experience with Skywire has been great. Their customer service and support staff have been very responsive in meeting all of our business’s needs. When we ran into a recurring issue that seemed couldn’t be solved, the Director of Support (Jon) & Implementation Specialist (Scott) actually drove from Las Vegas to Hermosa Beach, and spent the day troubleshooting with us. It turned out the issue was a matter of connectivity and had nothing to do with Skywire. Regardless, Jon & Scott were there providing us with the support, and tools needed to successfully operate our business. Kudos to the Skywire team for doing whatever it takes to help their customers succeed.

Cody Asselin
General Manager
Hotel Hermosa


The management support and customer service are incredibly hands on, pro-active and responsive. The relationship with SkyWire always feels more like a collaboration than as a customer. Any problems/questions/requests are responded to within minutes. Because the system is cloud-based, our SkyWire rep is able to instantly diagnose and troubleshoot our system remotely. Our service, 'how-do-we?' and data request calls have all been resolved to our satisfaction quickly.

-Easy interface that anyone can use. We are a teaching restaurant, and SkyWire is often the first POS our students have been introduced to. The interface is intuitive and easy for our students to learn quickly.

-Menu and floor-plan updates are very easy.

-Reservation/table management/POS functions data integration - this is a big draw for us - the integrated data (from guest reservation to check drop to turn) is valuable for planning purposes.

The transition from our old POS system to SkyWire was done with very little difficulty. The system is very user-friendly and we barely had to train our staff on how to use it. We have open communication with SkyWire and they respond to any questions or issues in a timely manner. They are very attentive to our individual needs so we really do have a one of a kind system. They are constantly creating and updating new features so in ten years we won't feel like we are in the Stone Age.

This is definitely a business that's on the way up. I have 12 years in the POS industry and I know that customers are searching for a quality product, great support and integrity from their POS provider. I've met the CEO and researched this company over the past few months and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to quality in a product and support that will not be matched, this company will not be easily beat.

I wanted a company that would grow and change with me. I wanted a long term commitment. I found it with SkyWire. When I pass my restaurant to my son, I know he will have a team behind him that understands our past and will work with him on his future.

The POS system rocks...It's updated and upgraded automatically...You don't have to take out a second mortgage to buy it...It's stable and it does what we want it to do. Period.

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