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Starbucks Brews Creative Mobile Marketing Campaign

Starbucks Brews Creative Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing is growing and the avenues your company can utilize to advertise within these mediums are growing too.

“While many retailers — including many food and beverage QSRs — continue to grapple with how to navigate these shifts, Starbucks’ record Q2 results unacquittedly demonstrate how the investments we’ve began making years ago to create the world’s premier portfolio of digital, social and mobile technology assets are paying off, and in a very big way,” said Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Seattle, during a rcent call with analysts. But no matter what happens, one rule has remained true since the beginning of advertising: ads have to be interesting in order to be effective. Below are a few MMS examples one of our associates received after she opted-in for the Starbucks mobile marketing messages. starbucks mms 2 starbucks mms1   As you can see their campagin is fun and simple and the product branding is unforgettable. Can you think of some fun ways to send messages to your fans and clients? Be funny, be original, but most importantly be memorable. (Want to see more animated Gifs Starbucks is sharing? Well, you can, on their Tumblr Blog!:
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