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What Is A Fair Price For Web Design?

What is a fair price for web design?

Before you tell your designers that they’re way too expensive, educate yourself on the true costs of web design

“Without question, the most critical area when it comes down to pricing a website design project is the actual needs of your site,” says Website Magazine, “What does your company’s website require? Will you have a custom Content Management System (CMS), a shopping cart platform, blog, Flash, forum or any number of other features? How many pages will you need?” You must be aware of these needs before even looking at designers, so first and foremost you need to sit down and decide what your site is going to look like and what it will be able to do. Of course, there are a few things that you don’t have much of a choice in and must be built into your site. The foundational elements of a website that will cost you some money include hosting, database design, business logic programming, markup, styling and graphics, standards-compliance, accessibility and testing, and continual maintenance. valueofdesign You have to remember that when you’re pricing these different features, you’re paying for both the implementation and labor/time necessary to include them on your site. If you’re paying a flat fee or package rate, then they are both already included in the price, but if you’re paying hourly it can become costly if you’re asking for a lot of bells and whistles. What it all comes down to is making sure you have the most efficient website for your company. Selecting an effective design and choosing the right designer for the job is a big undertaking, and often getting the best is not cheap. But in the end, the results should be worth the investment.” Click here to read the article in full
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